What ever happened to the Beaver?

Q: My wife and I are retired and still enjoy reruns of "Leave It to Beaver." Whatever happened to Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow? -- Richard W., Columbiana, Ohio

A: Jerry Mathers, 59, who played Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver, took a hiatus from acting in 1963 when the show ended its run in order to concentrate on his studies. He served in Vietnam, where his death was erroneously reported (a soldier with a similar name had been killed). He earned a degree in philosophy from the University of California at Berkley in 1974. Since then, he has guest-starred in many TV shows and movies, such as "Diagnosis: Murder," "The War at Home" and "Still the Beaver." He has a son and two daughters.

Tony Dow, 62, who played big brother Wally, did some episodic television after "Beaver," like "Dr. Kildare" and "My Three Sons." He served in the National Guard from 1965-68. He has done some other shows here and there, as well as reunion shows and tours with Mathers; however, Dow found his niche behind the camera in directing and producing. He has a son.


Q: Is it true that Michael Bolton dated Teri Hatcher prior to dating, and subsequently becoming engaged to, Nicollette Sheridan? -- H.F.W., Decatur, Ala.

Robert Urich Robert Urich A: Although I don't think it is something Teri and Nicollette discuss on the set of "Desperate Housewives," Teri briefly dated the formerly long-haired crooner back in 1992, before she even knew Nicollette. From 1993-95, Michael and Nicollette dated, then rekindled their romance in January 2006 and have since become engaged. No word yet on the date of the pending nuptials.


Q: "Spenser for Hire" was my favorite series of all time. Is it ever going to be made available on VHS tape or DVD? -- Bud R., Aurora, Colo.

A: The popular murdermystery program starring the late Robert Urich aired on ABC from 1985-88. After its cancellation, four made-for- TV movies aired starring most of the original cast members, including Urich as Spenser and Avery Brooks as Hawk. Those movies can be found on DVD as a box set called "Spenser for Hire -- The Movie Collection." There is no word yet, however, on if or when the three seasons of the TV series will be released. Soon, I hope!


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