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A healthy spin on Unicorn Bark

easy-to-make, yummy-to-eat and mystically-inspired recipe
Submitted by Shannon Pfingsten

This colorful, fun and refreshing (not overly sweet or bad for your health) recipe provides the perfect snack for youngsters or heart-inspired holiday parties. A friend of mine, who was kind enough to provide feedback on her successful attempt at Unicorn Bark, said of the end result, “[My daughter] thought I was letting her have ice cream for breakfast!”

•Pick your favorite colorful fruit to flavor your Unicorn Bark (i.e. Blueberries and strawberries).

•Heat half of cup of blueberries in the microwave for approximately one to two minutes. Heat a separate bowl of approximately four to five strawberries. Use a spoon to mash the fruit until it’s smooth.

•Add one cup of your choice of yogurt (i.e. plain, vanilla, coconut flavored) to each bowl of fruit.

•Add one tablespoon of honey to each bowl of the fruit and yogurt mixtures.

•Drop the mixture from each bowl by spoonfuls onto a baking pan lined with parchment paper. Use a knife to create a marbled look with the various-colored mixtures.

•Add your choice of toppings. You can get as creative as you would like with this step. Some examples of toppings might include coconut, granola, sprinkles, dark chocolate chips or shavings, frozen fruit chucks, sliced nuts, etc.

•Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for approximately two hours.

•Remove from the freezer, slice into rectangular servings and enjoy! Be sure to freeze any leftovers.

**Also try Unicorn Bark in the form of a s’more! Flavor plain yogurt with cocoa powder and top with marshmallows, granola or crushed graham crackers, and mini chocolate chips for a fresh, frozen spin on the traditionally ooey-gooey fireside treat.

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