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It’s not your grandparents’ camping experience

By Pam Brannon

Camping in an RV resort park can take all kinds of forms these days – from big expensive RVs to pop up campers to Air Stream rentals for folks who do not have a camper of their own.

“RV camping is like in the 1930s, when people sat on their front porches and visited with friends. People do the same in an RV park these days,” explained Jinks Dupré, manager of the Santa Rosa RV Resort on Highway 98 in Navarre.

She said the park, which is right on the water, has been open since 2012 and has lots of return visitors.

“There are some full-timers who live in their RVs and travel from place to place every few months, but we don’t get many of those. We get mostly Snowbirds and vacationers, but a lot of those like to go back to some of the same places each year to see friends they made while in the park the last time around,” she said.

These “camp grounds” are not what they used to be, either – especially the camp grounds that accept RVs. When your grandparents were camping, some parks used to offer hook-ups for electric and water and an office and maybe a small store, with showers and propane available.

Now, at places like Santa Rosa RV Resort, amenities are many, including not only a Sound-front beach area, but a heated pool, as well as a fishing pier, a patio with a fire pit, laundry facilities, a playground (soon) and a club house area for activities like Bingo and parties. Hook-ups in parks like these include cable TV and free wireless for internet connections – quite different from the old campgrounds.

“Many people like to go camping with their own units and make friends, as well as doing sight seeing. It is a social event,” Dupré said.

She has been manager of the Santa Rosa RV resort since it began construction in August 2011 and has seen a lot of changes in the area and the park. One change coming soon will be an Air Stream trailer sitting in the campground, for people who don’t have their own campers, to rent.

“A gentleman contacted us and is going to rent a spot from us to place an Air Stream trailer. Sometimes people come to an area with their own RVs or campers and their friends don’t have one. So now their friends could come and rent this Air Stream. Or some people just enjoy getting away without going to a motel or city, and they can come and rent the Air Stream for a weekend or vacation and enjoy the camping experience, too, even if they do not own a camper of any kind,” Dupré explained.

Camping does not have to be the primitive survivor experience it once was. These days, you can enjoy the great outdoors, some fresh air, the freedom of no motel room, and the privacy of having your own belongings around you while on vacation or a weekend “get-away.”

If you have any questions about the Air Stream or camping in general, Jinks Dupré at Santa Rosa RV Resort would be glad to answer them at 8315 Navarre Parkway in Navarre. Give her a call at (850) 936-4791 or (888) 936-4791.

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