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By Glenda Caudle

In 1967, moms had lots to think about as they moved through their daily routines. Among the thoughts that might have crossed a busy mother’s mind and been voiced to her friends and family were some like these:

• “Hand me that bottle of clear nail polish, honey. I’ve got to stop this run in my panty hose. You know I can’t go to church bare-legged.”

• “Bless you, Laura Petrie, for making it okay for me to do housework in slacks instead of 3-inch heels and pearls.”

• “I’m quite sure that’s the way it is, dear. After all, Walter Cronkite said so just last night on the news.”

• “Quite honestly, George, I’m not sure Amanda Jane is ready for her own pink Princess phone. I mean, she’s only 16, and if we give her a phone in her room, I’ll never be able to get the line to call Mom.”

• “For heaven’s sake, Ricky, how many times do I have to tell you to use your manners? It’s ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘No, Sir,’ when you speak to any adult.”

• “Got to run, Joanne. I think I can just about squeeze in another chapter or two of “Peyton Place” before the kids get home.”

• “Yes, yes, I know it’s almost time for ‘Bonanza,’ but you’re still going to bed. Because I said so.”

• “Well, Johnny, if Mrs. Barton said your classroom attitude needs adjusting, I’m sure she’s right. After all, she is the teacher, so just get yourself adjusted, unless you want me to do it for you!”

• “Just a minute there, Miss Priss, you know better than to think your daddy will let you wear a skirt like that out of this house. You just go put something on that comes at least to the top of your knee.”

• “The Beatles will never be as popular as Elvis, I don’t care what they say, LaVerne. After all, there’s only one King of Rock and Roll.”

• “Just two more books of Green Stamps, George, and I can get a brand new stand mixer.”

• “Do NOT let me see you shimmying around like that on the dance floor ever again, Amanda Jane, or that will be the last party you ever go to. The very idea …”

• “Wonder if I should make the strawberry gelatin with bananas or the lime recipe with carrot strips and pecan pieces for Lorraine’s party. What do you think, Karen?”

• “I’m sorry, George. I simply can’t go out in this storm. You know I just spent 15 minutes teasing my hair, and if it gets the least bit damp, my beehive will just go absolutely flat.”

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