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Questions for The Molly Ringwalds

By Kristina Wright

Photos by Kristina Wright Photos by Kristina Wright Were you “Blinded by the Light” and now you wear your “Sunglasses at Night”? Do you feel like you “Can’t Fight This Feeling” anymore, because I’m “Never Gonna Give You Up”? Are you a “Daydream Believer,” because you “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”?

The Molly Ringwalds were founded on Jan. 25, 2003, out of Sheffield, England. The band is perfecting its spectacular act and performing decade favorites to enraptured fans across the planet. Which decade you ask? The ’80s, of course.

Members are Sir Devon Nooner on the lead vocals, guitar and synthesizer; Platinum Randi Wilde on lead guitar and vocals; Dickie English on synthesizers and vocals; Sir Liam Thunders on drums and vocals; and last (but certainly not least), Lord Philip Wang on bass guitar and vocals. This quintet has come together to create the most formidable and unstoppable force and the most radical representation of the music from the decade.

We had a chance to catch up with the Molly Ringwalds at Seville Quarter in Pensacola Friday, April 14, and we asked a few questions.

* Do you, as a band, have a five-year plan? Nooner: “Wow, five-year plan, that’s a great question. Well, some people have a ‘five-year exit plan,’ but we don’t. Some friends of ours from New Orleans have an exit plan where they get together after five years and say ‘Well, what do we want to do next?’ We hope to be bigger, better and living.”

English: “It’s kind of a ‘What haven’t we done yet?’ thing.”

Nooner: “It’s kind of like an adventure. Hopefully in five years, we’ll be back here in Pensacola for sure, but we hope to be in Spain, Morocco, Russia and anywhere like that. We hope to still be doing what we do and that we’re better than we were today.”

* Have you been in other bands before The Molly Ringwalds?

Thunders: “I was in a rock and roll band in the late ’80s and early ’90s called Metal Rose, and we toured the Southern United States, and we played a lot of fraternity parties. I was in a dance music band when I was very young, a heavy metal band that played things like Motley Crue. That’s about it for me.”

Wilde: “I was in a skiffle band back in Leeds called the Nipsey Russel Project, then we came over to the States and met the rest of the Mollys.”

English: “I was in a band in Australia called Shrimp on the Ken Doll. It was a very weird group; we had one gig.” Wang: “I was never in a band; I was a street musician. That was it.” Nooner: “I was in a Wham! Tribute band called Whom,” back in 1985. It was more of a free-form type, sexual band.

* As far as musical inspiration goes, who was your first, and what made you decide on your instrument of choice?

Wilde: “My very first inspiration would probably be KISS and Ace


English: “Let’s see. I’d say my father inspired me to sing.

He kept all the music going. Then after that, it was Queen and the Beatles. But mostly Queen.”

Wang: “I would say it’s a tie between Rush and

Iron Maiden.”

Noonan: “There’s so much in the beginning that made me appreciate music. But, I guess, to be in a band, to be one of ‘Those Guys’, I would say the


Thunders: “I guess mine would have to be KISS, as well. I mean, when you’re 10, what else is there in 1975 or 1980? Of course, there’s always Captain Geech and the

Shrimp Shack Shooters. KISS and Rush and the Wonders.”

* What made you choose your individual personae and costumes for the band?

Thunders: “I think it’s because Sir Devon looks good in a white stripe. Devon, what exactly is this ensemble you’re wearing?”

Nooner: “It’s kind of a ‘New Romantic’ thing. Me mum was an Apache, so the stripe, of course, is in homage to that. I like a lot of Duran Duran. I like to wear tights because of me trousers. It’s for the required uniform.”

Wang: “I like to stay true to my heavy metal roots, but at the same time, I wanted to look like a woman.”

English: “Well, I wanted to be the sexiest one; then they told me to dress like Pee Wee Herman.”

Wilde: “I actually dress like this just so people can ask me what I’m supposed to be and then call me a fire hydrant.”

This was the only performance the band has in the Pensacola-Gulf Breeze area for several months. Their next tour dates are in Bossier City, LA at the Margaritaville Resort and Casino on May 26 and the L’Auberge Casino Hotel and Bar in Baton Rouge, LA on June 24.

For more information on The Molly Ringwalds, visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheMollyRingwalds and their website athttps://www.themollyringwalds.com. The Seville Quarter Facebook pages at https://www.facebook.com/sevillequarter provide information on upcoming events.

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