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Fourth of July Quiz

1. Name the three U.S. presidents who died on July 4.

2. It is said that John Adams refused to accept July 4 as the proper date for a celebration of the country’s independence from Great Britain. What date did he prefer and why?

3. Why do we celebrate our national independence day on July 4?

4. When the vote by the Continental Congress in favor of Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence was taken, one delegation abstained from the vote. Which colony declined to vote?

5. In early June of 1776, the Continental Congress met at what is now Independence Hall in Philadelphia and appointed a five man committee to draft a formal statement that would justify a break with Great Britain. By what name do we refer to that document?

6. Although a committee of five men was given the task of writing the document, one of them is given credit for creating most of it. Who was that person?

7. In what bizarre way did some colonists celebrate the birth of independence in 1776?

8. Which state was the first to make July 4 an official state holiday?

9. When did the United States make July 4 an official federal holiday?

10. What is the most common symbol of the Fourth of July? James Monroe all passed away on the nation’s birthday. Adams and Jefferson died on that day in 1826, the 50th anniversary of the country’s birth, and Monroe succumbed five years later in 1831.

2. Adams believed the celebration should fall on July 2, the date the Continental Congress voted for Richard Henry Lee’s resolution for independence.

3. July 4 is the date Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence.

4. New York refused to support the movement, although its delegation later voted in favor of making the break with Great Britain.

5. The Declaration of Independence.

6. Thomas Jefferson, who would later be elected president of the United States, is acknowledged as the author of the Declaration of Independence. Others who were appointed to work with him included future president John Adams, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin and Robert R. Livingston.

7. They held a mock funeral for Great Britain’s King George III to symbolize the end of the monarchy’s hold on America and the triumph of liberty.

8. Massachusetts

9. The U.S. Congress recognized the day in that official way in 1870.

10. The United States flag holds center stage on that day as the symbol of our freedom.

Answers: 1. Founding Father Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and

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