2017-08-01 / Features


By Jenni Eddy Jennings, Justin Peters and Steven Rupe

(as written at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Camp)

The plane is over here, But the sound is over there. The roar is loud and clear As they roll through the air. Flying together, they’re living out the dream. No one else is better Than this patriotic team. Chorus: I’m talkin’ ’bout the Blue Angels, The Blue Angels. I’m lovin’ those Blue Angels, Those Blue Angels. Flying high, flying low, Here they come, there they go. The Blue Angels, The Blue Angels. U.S. pilots flying close, Almost touching wing to wing, You can see them coast to coast, From the summer through the spring. Inspiring is their mission, Over land and sea. Masters of precision, They are the elite. (Repeat chorus.)

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