2017-11-01 / Features

Song for those who serve

Written by Jenni Eddy Jennings, Pat Lemke, Justin Peters and Steven Rupe

I gladly give my life, I gladly lay it down. I’ll gladly pay the price Defending my home town. I know that God is bigger than all my enemies, And when I pull the trigger and prevent those casualties, I do it for my country. Chorus: I do it for my country. I do it for the USA. I do it for my country, For each American that prays. I do it for my family And for the stranger on the street. I do it for the sad and lonely. I do it for my country. I do it for my country.

Though I’ll be taking chances And my life will be at risk, My heart is dedicated with a will that will persist To fight here with my brothers And lift up freedom’s voice, To sacrifice for others is an honor and my choice.

Repeat chorus

Bridge: I follow in the footsteps of those Who have gone before, The sons and daughters of our nation Who rest in peace forevermore.

Repeat chorus

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