2017-12-01 / Fish Stories

Capatain Jerry Andrews Fish Stories

There are a lot of beautiful places in this country, but I think we live in real paradise. Just take a drive along the Gulf of Mexico and look out across the horizon. The water clarity is at its best this time of year and the temperatures are not bad, either.

Most family activities are consumed with school, football and hunting this time of year, and folks are really missing out on some of the best fishing of the year.

In between passing cold fronts this time of year, the weather is great for a week or so. This is the time to get out and wet a hook for some of your favorite fish.

In the Pensacola Bay area, the giant redfish are schooling in large schools. Just look for the pelicans diving into the water and just beneath them will be redfish.

These are probably the largest inshore fish that you can catch here, and they put up an awesome fight on light spinning tackle. These fish will range from 15-25 pounds, but most are over the slot limit and have to be released.

Hurst Butts with a nice Warsaw Grouper caught recently fishing with Capt. Rusty Smith aboard the Entertainer. Hurst Butts with a nice Warsaw Grouper caught recently fishing with Capt. Rusty Smith aboard the Entertainer. Trolling through the school with a deep diving plug or golden color spoon can produce a lot of strikes. Also, casting into the school is another way to get a quick hook up. Just remember to check the regulations on size limits, depending where you may be fishing.

Another great local favorite is the Southern Flounder. These fish are still making their annual run out into the Gulf. They can be caught using live bait, fishing on the bottom in and around the rocks in the Pensacola Pass.

The offshore bottom fishing is great this time of year, as well. Many species are closed, but our staple snapper here is the Vermilion Snapper. The bag limit is 10 per person per day, and it’s not hard to catch a limit on a half-day trip.

Also the grouper fishing will remain open through December. These fish are generally caught in a little deeper water, but as the water temperatures cool down, they, too, will move inshore a little.

The long range tuna fishing is the best this time of year. Of course, you need to pick a window of good weather, because it generally takes an overnight run to get down to the oilrigs.

These rigs are some 75 to 100 miles to the southwest of Pensacola, and they are holding some awesome fish right now. You may want to put this trip on your bucket list, if you’ve never fished around offshore rigs. It’s quite the site to see these giant rigs in 5,000 feet of water and some awesome fishing, to boot.

Make sure to support your local tackle shops for your favorite fisherman this Christmas season. As always, we do have gift certificates available for trips aboard the Entertainer.

Check us out on the web at www.entertainercharter.com and “May the good fishing be yours!”

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