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One small, taste-full step at a time

Here’s my advice for those of you contemplating New Year’s resolutions – either those you anticipate making or those to which you have already made a commitment. A commitment you may have broken at this point, which is the way my resolutions usually go.

Nevertheless, my advice – flawed though my own follow-through may be -- is to avoid making huge life-changing resolutions that sound good on paper but don’t translate into action well at all. In other words, they are unsustainable alterations, short of miraculous intervention on your behalf.

And let’s be real here – if you are thinking of involving your Higher Power to help you make good on your commitment, remember that Higher Power does not rely on magic wand waving for your sake when it comes to altering behavior. Rather, that Power promises to give you what you need to see a good job through. Be sure you are prepared to take what spiritual assistance is readily available, apply it to the issue and win the victory, no matter what. Then go for it.

But if you are not quite sure you are up to such a challenge, I suggest starting with manageable stuff – the kinds of manageable things your Higher Power has already equipped you to handle, provided you are willing simply to tackle some bad habits and transform them into better ones.

Then, when you see success, you will be encouraged to keep up the good work and to add other changes to your life plan.

My commitment is this: I will consume far fewer empty calories and will integrate more and more nutritionally valuable items to my daily diet. Surely I can manage this, despite the fact that my first thought, whether I need either immediate comfort and consolation, something to signify a time of celebration, a reward for a job well done or simple relief from stifling boredom, is chocolate and Diet Coke.

Sound familiar? With a few tweaks here and there, this may describe your own resolution and the things that necessitate your making one, as well.

If so, here is one positive suggestion I have for you in the realm of dietary choices.

Instead of waking up and reaching for that dream-team-turnednightmarishly nutrient-deficient combination of goodies I rely on, commit to a better breakfast choice.

Small step. You can do it. I believe in you so much, I’m even willing to share my favorite truly healthy breakfast regimen. You may adjust the actual food choices used in building your breakfast, but make sure you keep them fresh and full of nutrition.

Here’s my favorite build-your-own breadless breakfast that a national green and yellow fast food place prepares for me, building it all on a sheet of waxed paper. • Pre-cooked egg patty • Spinach leaves • Slices of tomato and cucumber

• Layers of red onions, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers and green peppers.

• Dash of vinegar and a smidgen of oil

• Dusting of oregano, salt and pepper

• Sprinkle of parmesan cheese and mound of grated mozzarella

Run it in the oven until the cheese melts. Pop it in a mini-pizza box. Slice and eat.

You can make this at home with an ovenproof, stick-proof griddle.

If my choices for the “extras” don’t match your taste, feel free to experiment. Just keep it all fresh and full of nutrients. You’ve got protein, calcium and vitamins galore.

And maybe you’ll be inclined to consume one less unhealthy combination of tastes before noon.

It’s worth a try.

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