2018-03-01 / Features

Casually Making A Fashion Statement

By Tatyana Ransome
Photographs by Lexi West

Model Tatyana Ransome

When you think of making a fashion statement, what comes to mind? Most people think they have to have extravagant jewelry, clothing, accessories and shoes to make a statement. However, that is no longer the case. Less is more and you can easily catch someone’s eye with a simple pop of color or a statement jacket. Try adding some cool sneakers to an outfit that wouldn’t ordinarily call for that type shoe. Here are four ways to make a fashion statement without the hassle of being super dressed up.

Let’s face it, we all have that one comfy T-shirt dress that we find any excuse to wear. Whether we have to do a little grocery shopping or grab lunch with our friends, this T-shirt dress is always a first choice. Adding a camo jacket, a vibrant color purse and checkerboard sneakers makes us not only look hip and savvy, but extremely comfortable.

You will definitely have a fashion moment in this number. This dress is not only flirty, it is also suitable for “casual Friday,” brunch, or a family outing. Add sandals, wedges, heels or even slip-ons with this dress, and it will be perfect.

The “off the shoulder” trend will simply never go out of style.

This shirt adds so much “oomph” to any outfit.

Choose a soft pink floral off the shoulder blouse with distressed sandals to make this causal outfit a little more fancy.

Many times we stick to neutrals and never really go outside our comfort zones. Sometimes stepping outside the box can be a good thing. Wearing vibrant colors will not only change a mood, it will prove that choosing color is a positive and attractive option.

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