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A great band with brothers you love

By Kristina Wright

Bill Dossey and David Glenco Bill Dossey and David Glenco Lektric Mullet is a local, classic beach band made up of five good old boys who just love to play music and have fun. I’ve never met a more genuine group of guys, who all are just absolutely thrilled to have the chance to play to the beach crowd in Pensacola. Our locals absolutely soak up each and every performance and are beyond thrilled to see the Lektric Mullet name on a show flyer.

Members are Randy Whitaker, David Glencoe, Ricky Lee Phelps, Kyle Lehning and Bill Dossey.

We had a chance to catch the band in full swing at the Sandshaker on Pensacola Beach on March 4.

When asked to introduce the group, Bill Dossey had this to say:

“The engine that drives the train is Randy Whitaker on drums/percussion, lead and harmony vocals. David Glencoe is an alien from the planet Guitargen. He plays lead guitar and sings harmony. (Normal humans do not play like David.) Ricky Lee Phelps is the true face of Lektric Mullet, playing bass guitar, and he sings lead and harmony vocals. He’s also a Grammy and CMA award winner—the list goes on and on.

Ricky Lee Phelps Ricky Lee Phelps I hate people with this much talent. He’s also a writer, painter, singer and more. Kyle Lehning plays keyboards, piano, electric piano and organ. He’s another of those Grammy winner types. His list of accomplishments seems endless.) Then I play rhythm guitar, harps, percussion and sing lead and harmony vocals.”

1. How old were you when you fell in love with music/learned to play your instrument?

Bill Dossey: “Earliest memories (say 3 or 4) are of making up songs to sing to the dogs on the farm before I ever heard an instrument. Started playing after Viet Nam, 1970, living in Mexico. Afraid if I didn't learn to play, I could never get in another band. Quit for quite a while. Started again in roughly 2002.”

Randy Whitaker on the drums with Kyle Lehning on the keyboard Randy Whitaker on the drums with Kyle Lehning on the keyboard Kyle Lehning: “I started on trumpet at age 10. I never enjoyed playing trumpet. I was forced (by my mother) to start piano lessons when I was 12. I started playing a Wurlitzer electric piano in a rock and roll band at the age of 13. That was huge fun!”

Randy Whitaker: “I sang and imitated drummers on TV from age 7 or 8. Then came the Beatles and I had a direction.”

Bill Dossey Bill Dossey Ricky Lee Phelps: “I have been fascinated with music since I first remember hearing it and recognizing it as such.”

David Glencoe: “As far back as I can remember, I wanted to play music. Started playing guitar when I was 9.”

2. How did you all meet?

Bill Dossey: “Slowly. David and I began a duo in 2005. Ricky asked to rehearse with us, that was the beginning of the core. It fell together effortlessly. Ricky knew Randy (thank God), so we had our drummer. I should let Ricky explain how Kyle wound up here once a month. It is a very cool story, including Nashville drama, includes the break-up of a famous band (the Kentucky Headhunters, recently voted one of the top 50 Southern Rock bands of all time), a new label, etc. Juicy stuff.”

Kyle Lehning: “I met Ricky Lee Phelps around 1992 when I signed him and his brother, Doug, to a record contract at Asylum Records. We made two albums together. I’m still very proud of the work we did. We reconnected in Pensacola through a mutual friend, David Batten.”

3. What is it you love about playing with Lektric Mullet?

Bill Dossey: “The joy of doing something you love as well as possible with people you love and trust. Camaraderie. Long personal friendships. Reaction of the folks who come to hear the band.”

Kyle Lehning: “We all have a mutual love of the great, classic rock, pop, r&b and country music that we grew up loving. Getting to play those songs with these guys is a unique joy. Their level of musicianship is terrific and the enthusiasm of the crowd at the Sandshaker makes the whole experience a ridiculously fun time.”

Randy Whitaker: “It is a dream come true, the way you imagine it when young. A great band with brothers you love.”

Ricky Lee Phelps: “There is never any clash of egos. Each member contributes the needed ingredient to make the whole larger than the individual parts. It is truly a one-for-all and allfor one situation. There has never been any pressure whatsoever.”

David Glencoe: “Playing the music we played and grew up with. Just hanging out with each other is a lot fun (like garage band days).”

4. Is there anyone you would love to tour with?

Bill Dossey: “Oh, personally, quite a few. For this band, we made an agreement early on: No agents, no managers, no buses, no tours. It is one of the reasons we have stayed together going on 11 years.

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