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Three Bean Soup not your average band

By Kristina Wright

Jamie Weis, Julie Wood and Mike Domulot Jamie Weis, Julie Wood and Mike Domulot Three Bean Soup is a local Pensacola band, but they are not your average band. In fact, you could even call them an “Original Cover Band.”

Mike Domulot plays guitar and sings. He’s also head honcho, online shopping expert, master of goofy faces and corny dad jokes, (and lover of those fake hillbilly buck-teeth), endless source of useless information, collector of funny T-shirts and Taylor guitars and a Converse Ambassador.

Mike comes from a very musical family and was in band in high school, showcasing his trumpet skills. He has been playing guitar and singing since 1987. Jamie Weis sings, plays the violin, viola and steel drum. She is an anime enthusiast, dancing diva, food aficionado (she dances when she eats, too), fashion queen, animal lover and EXTRA. Jamie plays many instruments and has been singing since a very young age, but she started performing publicly in 2005. Classically trained on the viola, initially, she currently excels at freestyle violin playing, banging a steel drum and singing.

Julie Wood joined the band in 2017, and she usually sings and plays triangle (alone in her living room). She is also the band’s manager, email extraordinaire, fashion consultant (to Jamie), band mediator and carrier of potted meat ... in case of emergency. Julie has been singing since she was a child. She took a 15-year hiatus as a young adult and then decided to pursue singing again.

What made you decide to form a band together?

Jamie: “Mike put his desire to have a musical career on hold to raise us kids, and once we were all out of high school, he decided we’d form a band. Ever since we were little, Daddy always taught us about music. Growing up, the first song I remember learning and singing with him was “Handyman” by James Taylor. Two thousand six was when it was time to get out in the public and start playing songs as a band. Over the years, we’ve had many members who are or have become family to us, including my brother, Michael Domulot (drums); my brother-in-law, Mike Phillips (sound man); and now, Julie, who joined us last year.”

How did you come up with the name?

The name “Three Bean Soup” comes from a soup that Mike’s mother, Jamie’s grandmother, used to make when Mike was growing up. He comes from a family of 10, so this was a meal that was served often to feed their large family.

How many instruments do you incorporate into your performances?

Jamie: “Guitar, violin, steel drum, percussion (shaky little noise makers that make your arm hurt after too long), kazoo and, on occasion, my dad whips out the banjitar (a combination of a banjo and guitar) and, sometimes, ukulele.”

What is your favorite part of being a musician?

Mike: “The excitement.”

Jamie: “The freedom of getting to be endlessly creative every day. To be able to have the dream job we always wanted, and it’s all thanks to my dad for all his hard work and sacrifices to make this band what it is today. We don’t fit the cookie cutter image of the average cover band, because we’re constantly changing and growing. We’re unique in our own way. We never play the same setlist every day, and I never play the same violin riff I played the day before. Everything is on the spot.”

Julie: “The joy of doing what I love and being able to touch someone and bring out different emotions in people with whatever it is I’m singing. And now I’m lucky enough to do that with people that I respect, love and consider family ... that’s actually the best part, being allowed to share this experience with two of my favorite people in the world.”

Is there a band/group you would love to perform/tour with?

Jamie: “I’ve traveled with Martha’s Trouble out of Auburn, Ala. They’re so awesome and wonderful. But if I had a choice, personally, I’d travel with John Paul White or Joy Williams (together formerly The Civil Wars). Also, HoneyHoney.”

Mike: “Traveling by Night.”

Julie: “I’m content where I’m at, but I think it would be a blast to tour/perform with Edie Brickell and Steve Martin ... and Alison Krauss would be amazing, too. As a band, we’d love to travel with Keb Mo.”

Three Bean Soup can be found at many locations in May, including May 6 at Peg Leg Pete’s on Pensacola Beach at 6 p.m., May 12 at Crabs on the Beach at 5p.m.; May 13 at The Bridge Bar and Sunset Lounge in Gulf Breeze at 3 p.m.; May 18 at Gallery Night Downtown Pensacola in front of Dog House Deli at 7 p.m.; and May 25 at Crabs on the Beach at Pensacola Beach at 5 p.m.

Follow them on social media at https://www.facebook.com/ threebeansoup, or check out their website at https://www.threebeansoupmusic.com.

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